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Je T'aime Low Humidity Adhesive 0.5sec| Eyelash Extension Glue
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Je T'aime Low Humidity Adhesive

Introducing the superior and long-lasting Je T'aime Low Humidity Adhesive - one of the strongest bonding glues available in the market, specially formulated for advanced lash extension stylists. With its remarkable retention power of up to 8 weeks, this lash extension glue is a favourite among our customers.

Key Features:
Durable Retention: Lasting 5-7 weeks
Quick Drying Time: Only 0.5 seconds
Black Liquid
Optimal Humidity Range: 30-65%
Professional Use Only

Our Je T'aime Low Humidity Adhesive not only provides excellent retention but also comes in attractive packaging that will stand out on your lash trolley.

The adhesive is designed for strong holding, and clients will keep coming back for infills with almost a full set of lashes. It can withstand humidity levels between 30% to 65%, ensuring a reliable bond in various environments.

This versatile glue has undergone rigorous testing and proves effective for classic, hybrid, and volume lash sets. Its 0.5-second drying time makes it perfect for volume and mega volume applications. Moreover, we offer this exceptional product at an affordable price.

We've tested the Je T'aime Low Humidity Adhesive glue on various clients with different lash types, and it has consistently delivered outstanding results - from short to long lashes, curled to straight, and even young to old lashes. This adhesive is truly reliable under any circumstances.

For optimal performance, store the glue in a cool, dry environment, whether it's opened or unopened.
Unopened glue can last up to 4 months when stored correctly.
Opened glue should be stored in a glue storage container, replaced every 4-6 weeks. We recommend replacing glues sooner to ensure freshness. 

Recommended Use:
When done correctly, the glue will dry within 0.5 seconds, resulting in a stronger bond on the client's natural lash, leading to longer retention.
Remember to shake the glue thoroughly for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to ensure proper mixing of the ingredients. Alternatively, use a lash glue shaker for 10 seconds. For the first use, we recommend shaking for a longer duration.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews

    Great 🤩

    Sofia Lopez

    works so well in my low humidity environment and the retention is top-notch. It's definitely my go-to adhesive now.

    Elena Jankovic
    game changer!!!

    This low humidity glue is a game-changer! retention is fantastic, can't recommend it enough!

    Giulia Bianchi

    perfect for low humidity workspace and the retention is amazin

    Ana Petrovic
    dries super fast

    I've tried a lot of eyelash adhesives, but this one is by far my favorite, dries fast and the fumes are minimal, which makes it a win-win in my book.