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Pink Volume Lash Tweezers – 45°
$50.00 NZD
Save 10%
Save 10%
Pink Volume Lash Tweezers - 7 Pack Combo
$315.00 NZD
Rectangle Eyelash Extension Mirror
Professional Eyelash Scissors
$19.00 NZD
Acrylic Eyelash Tweezers Holder
$63.00 NZD
Tweezer Cleaner
Save 66%
Save 66%
Tweezer Cleaner
From $20.00 NZD
Handheld Heart Mirror
$38.00 NZD

Master the art of flawless lash application with Lashes by RK's Eyelash Extension Tweezers & Mirror Set. This dynamic duo is the secret behind every successful lash session. The precision tweezers allow for meticulous placement and adjustment, ensuring each lash sits perfectly. Coupled with the mirror, designed to provide a clear, up-close view, you can guarantee accuracy and ease in every session. It's the perfect toolkit for professionals and enthusiasts alike, promising a seamless experience from start to finish. Get ready to transform lash application into an art form with this indispensable set! 

Revolutionise Lash Sessions with Superior Tools

Transform your lash application into a masterpiece with Lashes by RK's Eyelash Tweezer and Mirror Set! The tweezers are a marvel of precision and control, expertly designed to pick up and place individual lashes with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring a flawless and natural look. 

The mirror complements this precision by offering crystal-clear vision and magnification, enabling professionals to inspect and perfect their work from all angles. Both tools are ergonomically designed, lightweight and comfortable, reducing hand fatigue during extended lash sessions. This set isn't just a tool; it's your partner in creating symmetrical, stunning lash applications with ease and comfort.

Invest in Precision at Lashes by RK

Perfect for both the budding lash enthusiast and the seasoned artist, this set is the sparkling jewel in your lash toolkit. It’s like having a magic wand at your fingertips, transforming every lash session into an artistry of precision and style. 

Crafted from the sturdiest stainless steel, these tools aren’t just nifty – they're a long-term ally in your beauty arsenal. They come snugly packed in a stylish, protective case to ensure your tweezers and lash mirrors are always safe and travel-ready. 

For those seeking something extra, the set includes unique features, including a variety of tweezer tips and specialised mirror shapes to enhance its utility and make it a smart, long-lasting investment for any lash professional.

Your Partners in Creating Flawless Lash Looks

Unleash the power of top-quality tools and see the difference they make. Designed for both beginners and professionals aiming for perfection, this eyelash tweezer and mirror set ensures precision in every application. 

To complete your elevated eyelash extension kit, explore our wide range of professional-grade lashes, chic accessories, high-quality lash adhesive and hypoallergenic eyelash extension tapes. Search and select from our collection and join the league of lash artists who choose excellence with every flick of their wrist.