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#17 Why Premades and Promades Lashes are so popular?!?!

The world of lash extensions is always changing and evolving, and one of the recent shifts is how Premades and Promades are gaining popularity and acceptance. These pre-made lash fans were once met with skepticism, but now they're embraced and loved by both professionals and clients alike. Let's dive into the reasons behind this transformation and why many award-winning lash salons are making the switch:

Putting Customers First:
At the heart of any business decision lies the happiness of the customers. A renowned chain of lash and brow salons conducted a survey among their clients and discovered something interesting. Most clients didn't even notice whether the fan was made on the spot or beforehand. What truly mattered to them was the stunning end result. With Premades and Promades, you have the power to control the look by adjusting the fan's density. This means you can offer natural, intense, or dramatic looks by choosing different Ds such as anything from 3D to 8D, or even 10-16D fans (in 0.03 thickness).

Faster Application, Fuller Sets:
Choosing Premades and Promades over handcrafted fans speeds up the application process, allowing clients to enjoy fuller lash sets in the same amount of time. The consistency of pre-made fans is another advantage, unless you're a master of handcrafted volumes. Shorter appointment times are a bonus for clients who prefer quicker sessions.

Benefits from the Salon's Perspective:
Charging based on the desired look, rather than the time it takes, enables the salon to schedule more clients per day. Learning to work with pre-mades is notably simpler, making training faster and facilitating quicker volume lash services. The reduced time, shorter appointments, and simplified process contribute to less strain on technicians' eyes and backs.

Variety and Customization:
Don't think that opting for Premades and Promades means sacrificing creativity. These promade fans come in a wide array of styles, including textured, spiked, and even coloured fans. This means you can still offer all the trending styles while enjoying the convenience and speed of pre-made fans.

The bottom line? The lash industry is witnessing a positive shift as more professionals recognise the benefits of using Premades and Promades. With satisfied clients and happier technicians, it's clear that this trend is here to stay.

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