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#16 Extending the Life of Your Lash Glue: Smart Tips to Save Time and Money

Let's face it, lash glue isn't exactly easy on the wallet, right? And as busy lash techs, we definitely don't have time for glue that goes bad too quickly! To keep your lash glue in top shape, we've gathered some favourite techniques that'll help you make the most of it and keep it going strong.

Please note, these tips generally apply to most glues on the market, not just Lashes by Rk glue. However, it's a good idea to also check the care instructions provided by each manufacturer, as there might be slight differences.

Now, let's dive into this knowledge, backed by science:

Understanding Cyanoacrylate:
Cyanoacrylate is a strong, fast-acting adhesive family—often referred to as the "super glue family." This group of glues, including lash extension adhesive, has unique chemical properties that interact with moisture to set or cure. And moisture, my friend, is all around us, lurking in the air.

Moisture: A Double-Edged Sword:
To make cyanoacrylate glues work, you need the right amount of moisture. Too much moisture isn't good (imagine pouring water on a tiny drop of glue—it washes it away!). And too little moisture means your glue takes forever to dry. Finding that sweet spot is key.

Shelf Life Insights:
The shelf life of most cyanoacrylate adhesives, including lash glue, is relatively short compared to other glues—around 6 months unopened, if stored in a cool, dry spot.

Cooler Storage, Longer Life:
Storing unopened glue in the fridge at around 13°C (55°F) can extend its shelf life to 12-15 months. Some even propose that storing glue unopened in a freezer at -20°C (-4°F) could give it nearly unlimited shelf life, but this hasn't been fully proven.

Handling Glue Temperature Changes:
When you take glue from the fridge to room temperature, condensation could happen, introducing moisture into the bottle. Allow it to reach room temperature before opening to avoid moisture inside the bottle. Never put opened glue back in the fridge; it may cause condensation within the bottle.

Life of Opened Glue:
Once opened, the shelf life of glue is typically about 4 weeks, depending on the manufacturer. Store it in its original packaging with a moisture absorber in a cool, dry drawer, not the fridge. Dispose of any opened bottle after 4 weeks, regardless of leftover product.

Preventing Build-up Around Nozzle:
Excess glue around the nozzle prevents proper sealing and can let in moisture. Wipe the nozzle after every use and screw the lid on tightly.

Thin Glue Layers for Better Bond:
A thin layer of glue bonds quicker and more effectively than a thick one. Applying glue too thickly might explain premature lash extension loss in some clients. Thick layers might not cure properly, affecting retention.

To Sum it Up:
1. Moisture levels impact glue drying time.
2. Lash extension adhesive belongs to the cyanoacrylate family.
3. Thicker glue layers might not cure correctly.
4. Unopened glue lasts 12-15 months in the fridge or 6 months at room temperature.
5. Allow glue to reach room temperature before opening after refrigeration.
6. Opened glue lasts around 4 weeks and should be stored in a cool, dry place.
7. Avoid moisture buildup and seal glue bottles properly.
8. Thin glue layers ensure a strong bond.

We hope these insights shed light on how to maximise your glue's life. With a few simple steps, you'll keep your adhesive performing at its best, saving both time and money.
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