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#15 Solving Lash Retention Challenges: Say Goodbye to Frustration

We've all been there—struggling with lash retention and wondering why it feels like an ongoing battle. It's tempting to point fingers at the products we use, but often, it's our own technique that needs a closer look.

Have you ever wondered why experienced lash artists seem to breeze through retention issues? It's because they've honed their skills over time and mastered the foundational techniques. The good news is, you can conquer retention challenges too, and keep those customers coming back with happy lashes!

Don't Blame the Tools, Look at the Procedure:
When retention becomes a concern, our first instinct is to blame the glue or other products. But guess what? It's not always the products' fault; it's often how we're applying them.

Real Talk from the Forums:
If you've ever visited online lash forums, you've seen questions like: "What's the best glue for retention?", "My client's lashes fell out in a week!", "Why isn't my glue working?", and so on. We're all in search of that magic adhesive, but the truth is, everyone's lash conditions and practices are different.

Conditions Matter:
Room conditions play a significant role. If your lash room isn't humidity and temperature controlled, it could be affecting your adhesive's performance.

Room Setup Matters Too:
Take a moment to consider how you've set up your lash room. Is it optimised for your business or just for decoration? An effective setup matters more than aesthetics.

Take Control: Monitor and Note:
Start keeping track of your room's conditions. Take notes on your clients' appointments—temperature, humidity, whether lashes were cleaned properly, and if clients wore makeup on arrival. This data can be a treasure trove in identifying retention issues.

Why Your Retention Might Be Struggling:
1. Room Conditions:  If your room isn't optimised, it could hinder your adhesive's performance.
2. Inadequate Cleaning: Ensure proper cleansing using a dedicated lash cleanser—baby shampoo won't cut it.
3. Lingering Old Glue: Previous glue residue on natural lashes can ruin a clean bond.
4. Incorrect Bonding: A hasty bond or breeze-induced skin formation can compromise retention.
5. Glue Change Neglect: Swap your adhesive drop frequently to ensure freshness.
6. Blooming Reaction: Blooming (the white stuff) can occur with certain glues.
7. Improper Glue Storage: Storing your glue wrongly affects its quality.

Creating the Perfect Bond:
Remember, perfect retention lies in creating impeccable bonds. Here's how:
- Regulate Your Room: Keep the conditions optimal.
- Consult Thoroughly: Understand your client's needs.
- Ideal Conditions: Create the right environment for your adhesive.
- Thorough Cleaning: Cleanse your client's lashes diligently.
- Effective Preparation: Prep natural lashes to suit your client's requirements.
- Fresh Glue Drop: Change your adhesive drop regularly.
- Correct Bonding: Ensure a strong and accurate bond.
- Wrap and Encase: Especially in volume lashes, wrapping and encasing the bond is beneficial.

Retaining those gorgeous lashes doesn't have to be a mystery. By focusing on the right technique and creating ideal conditions, you can wave goodbye to retention woes and offer stunning lash extensions every time!
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