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#18 Managing Client Reactions to Lash Extensions: What to Do

Discovering that a client has had a reaction to their lash extensions can be concerning, but knowing how to handle it effectively is crucial. While I'm not a medical professional, I can offer some insights based on experience. Always advise your client to seek medical attention if they're unsure or if the reaction is severe.

First and foremost, it's important to identify the cause of the reaction. In most cases, it will be linked to one of three factors: the lash glue, medical tape, or eye pads.

1. Glue Reaction:
If the eyes swell within a few hours after lash extension application and appear bloodshot and puffy, a glue reaction might be the cause. While the glue should ideally never touch the skin—only the natural lash—this type of reaction can occur. In this case, ask the client to return immediately. Gently remove the lashes and glue using a debonder solution, making sure to rinse the eyes thoroughly afterward. If the client experiences discomfort, suggest antihistamines and, if necessary, medical attention. Glue allergies can persist even with different brands and sensitivity levels, so caution is advised.

2. Medical Tape and Eye Gel Pads:
Redness and pain can result from the application of medical tape or eye gel pads too close to the eye's lower rim. If clients report these symptoms post-application, it's likely that the tape or pads slipped slightly into the eye during closure. This issue is resolved by recommending eye drops and antihistamines. If the discomfort persists after 24 hours, medical advice should be sought. To prevent such issues, ensure correct placement of medical tape and pads about 1mm away from the lower eye rim. Additionally, always readjust them slightly once the client closes their eyes to prevent slippage and potential discomfort.

As a responsible lash technician, it's your duty to apply medical tape and eye gel pads accurately and prevent discomfort for your clients. By maintaining these practices, you can help ensure a smoother experience and minimise the risk of adverse reactions.

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