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Experience Excellence with Premium Gold Straight Tweezers for Precise Eyelash Extension Application

Introducing the ultimate tool for lash extension enthusiasts – our Premium Gold Straight Tweezers. Designed to elevate your lash game, these tweezers are the perfect solution for precise isolation during eyelash extension application.

Key Features:
Lightweight Mastery: Crafted to be lightweight, these tweezers offer effortless handling, reducing muscle strain and hand discomfort during lengthy lash sessions.
Extended Reach: With an extra-long 140mm shape, these tweezers provide enhanced accessibility, allowing you to reach even the finest and tiniest lashes in inner corners.
Precision-Made Tips:The ultra-fine tips ensure meticulous handling, catering to the smallest lashes and intricacies of lash placement.
Maintenance Made Easy: After each use, gently wash the tweezers with warm water and gentle detergent, then pat them dry with a paper towel. Achieve thorough disinfection using 100% isopropyl alcohol (without dilution). Let the tweezers air dry on a paper towel and store them in a clean environment, away from used tools, with plastic tweezer tips or within a tweezer case to ensure protection.

Unveiling Excellence in Isolation:
These tweezers are meticulously designed for isolation, classic lashing, and removing lash strips from the case. Their streamlined, lightweight construction ensures reduced hand fatigue and increased comfort, while the silky smooth grip aids in lash application. Longer than standard straight tweezers, they feature a beautifully balanced design and a perfectly tapered tip. Experience the ideal tool for your isolation and classic lashing needs.
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