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6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
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Introducing the 6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book: Unlock Full, Voluminous Sets with Ease

Discover the possibilities of full, voluminous sets with our innovative 6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book, containing 450 fans. Even experienced handmade technicians are transitioning to boost their lash artistry, and now you can too!

Customizable Lash Sets for Individual Features
Our Promade XL Lash Book allows you to create custom lash sets tailored to each client's unique features by combining various lengths. Elevate your lash extension artistry and deliver stunning results effortlessly.

Diverse Selection of Lash Lengths
Each Mixed Book offers a wide range of lash lengths to cater to diverse preferences and styles. In each tray, you'll find:
1 x 8mm 1 x 9mm 2 x 10mm 3 x 11mm 3 x 12m 2 x 13mm 2 x 14mm 1 x 15mm

Key Features:
Unmatched Retention: Our Promade Book's sharp and pointy base ensures maximum adhesive adherence for long-lasting lashes.
Feather-light Sensation: Enjoy a seamless and comfortable lash-wearing experience with the ultra-lightweight design.
Beginner-Friendly Design: Even lash artists new to extensions can easily apply our Promade Book, thanks to its slightly longer shape.
Reliable Fan Integrity: Say goodbye to fans falling apart during application with easy strip removal, ensuring fan stability.
Premium Quality: Each lash in our Promade Book is handcrafted from high-quality South Korean PBT material, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.
XL Tray for Ample Service: With enough lashes to serve up to five clients, our Promade Book allows you to efficiently cater to a multitude of individuals.
Time-Efficient Results: Achieve extraordinary volume sets in the same timeframe as classic sets, maximizing your productivity.
Generous Quantity: Each Promade Book includes an impressive 450 fans, offering a wide range of lash options to unleash your creativity.

Experience the next level of lash artistry with our 6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book. Elevate your lash extension journey and discover unparalleled ease and stunning results today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Emma Smith

The quality is unmatched, and my clients rave about how natural yet glamorous their lashes look. Lashes by RK has earned my trust, and I'll continue to rely on them for all my lash needs

Lana M.
6D Lash Fans

6D XL Lash Books are a game-changer!

gorgeous packaging

I'm absolutely thrilled with the design of the XL Lash Book. It's not just aesthetically pleasing, but also incredibly practical and functional.

Anna Ngo

The lashes are so lightweighted. Definitely my new go-to supplier

Isla Wright

Lashes by RK has truly outdone themselves with their Xl lash books. As someone who values quality and reliability in their lash products, I was thrilled to find that these books offer a flawless selection of lashes with no faults