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Save 34%
Save 34%
Speedy/Rapid Promade Mega Box | 1000 fans
From $27.00 USD
3D-4D | Speedy/Rapid Promade Single Size
From $24.00 USD
5D-6D | Speedy/Rapid Promade Single Size
From $28.00 USD
7D-8D | Speedy/Rapid Promade Single Size
From $32.00 USD
10D-14D | Speedy/Rapid Promade Single Size
From $38.00 USD
Save 6%
Save 6%
Speedy/Rapid Promade Mini Box Single Size ( 3000 Fans) 6D-8D
From $79.00 USD
Save 50%
Save 50%
Speedy/Rapid Promade Mini Box Single Size ( 1500 Fans) 10D-14D
From $57.00 USD
Save 49%
Save 49%
Speedy/Rapid Promade Mega Box - Previous Collection | 1000 fans
From $21.00 USD

Say goodbye to complicated lash routines and hello to effortless, lasting beauty with Speedy Promade Lashes! Classic and coloured eyelash extensions are the latest craze in the world of cosmetics, and Lashes by RK is leading this glamorous revolution.

A game-changer for both seasoned pros and first-time users, the Speedy Promade Lashes create a blend of ease and quality with its pre-lined fans for effortless application. Perfect for those seeking an elevated look without lengthy salon visits, these Rapid Promade Lashes make luxurious lashes accessible to all.

Effortless Glam with Speedy Promade Lashes

Take part in the lash revolution with Lashes by RK! These Speedy Promade Lashes are your ticket to stunning, effortless glamour. Tailored for speed and simplicity, they're a dream come true for professional lash artists and beauty enthusiasts.

With a collection that spans from 3D to 14D, the Speedy Promade Lash Box offers a spectrum of volume for every look. The 3D and 4D options are perfect for those desiring a light-volume set and a subtle enhancement. For those seeking to make a more dramatic statement, our 8D and beyond lashes provide the bold, dramatic volume set to steal the spotlight. Made with premium materials, these fans feel soft, look naturally gorgeous and are crafted for endurance.

Lashes That Speak Your Style

Crafted to provide an exceptional lash makeover, our Speedy Promade Lashes promise a transformative beauty experience. With a spectacular range of styles, these lashes cater to every look you have in mind – from the understated elegance of a subtle daytime appearance to the dramatic flair of a night out. 

Outshining the traditional lash extensions, Speedy Promade Lashes bring a new level of convenience with minimal effort and maximum impact. Embrace the change, and let your eyes do the talking with these revolutionary lashes!

Looking for something more unique? Try our Mixed Coloured Lash Trays!

Discover Your Perfect Lash Look 

Why wait for a transformation that's just a click away? Explore our collection, find your perfect match and elevate your lash game today. From Spiked Eyelash Extensions to exclusive Promade XL Lash Books and bundle deals, there's a lash style waiting to unleash your inner glam!