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Mixed Tray of Pro-made L or M curl
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Introducing Our Mixed Size L and M Curl Lashes: Say Goodbye to Size Hassles

Tired of the endless search for the right lash size? Look no further than our Mixed Size L and M Curl Lashes, specially designed to eliminate the hassle and deliver stunning results every time. Whether you're aiming for a striking eyeliner effect or a captivating fox look, these lashes have you covered.

Comes in Fixed Sizes, 8mm-15mm: Ample Sizes for Versatile Styles
Our Mixed Size L or M Curl Lashes come in fixed sizes ranging from 8mm to 15mm, providing ample options to create a variety of lash styles without the need for multiple trays. Say goodbye to size guesswork and hello to effortless styling with our perfectly curated sizes.

Perfectly Curated for Effortless Styling
These lashes offer the perfect blend of length and curl to achieve your desired look with ease. The variety of sizes allows you to experiment with different styles and customize your lash application for each client.

Optimal Volume and Dimension
Experience optimal volume and dimension with our meticulously crafted lashes. The 5D,7D and 8D lashes feature a thickness of 0.07, while the 10D boasts a sleek 0.05 thickness, ensuring a seamless blend and stunning finish every time.

Generous Quantity for Endless Creativity
Each tray contains approximately 1100-1200 fans, providing you with an ample supply to unleash your creativity and explore different lash styles. Say goodbye to running out of lashes mid-application – with our Mixed Size L or M Curl Lashes, you'll always have more than enough to achieve your desired look.

Effortless Application for Seamless Results
Despite their luxurious appearance, our lashes are incredibly easy to apply, allowing you to create flawless looks in no time. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner, you'll appreciate the seamless application and stunning results our lashes deliver.

Transform Your Lash Game Today
Upgrade your lash collection with our Mixed Size L and M Curl Lashes and experience the convenience of perfectly curated sizes for effortless styling. Say goodbye to size hassles and hello to stunning lash looks – order now and elevate your lash game to new heights!

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Olive Love
Love it

wonderful product

Lena Ava

Love it

Mariam Al-Saud

Every client I have used them for so far and honestly gasped at how natural and pretty they look <3

Grace Foster
EASY to work with

Beautiful results! My clients love them

Layla Al-Ghazali

really comfortable on the clients eyes, creates some gorgeous classic sets