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Essential Student Kit | TRAINING LASH KIT
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1 x Essential Student Kit
3 sets x Essential Student Kit ($365 per set)
5 sets x Essential Student Kit ($340 per set)
3D Tray
5 x Promade Loose Lashes
5 x Promade Speedy Lashes
3D Tray
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Save more than 20% compared to purchasing individual items with our exclusive offer!

Are you in search of the perfect lash kit to kickstart your lash learning journey? Look no further than the Lashes by RK Training Lash Kit. Designed with beginners in mind, this kit boasts an array of user-friendly products, making it an ideal choice for those mastering the basics of lashing.

Embark on your path to becoming a successful lash artist with the all-inclusive Essential Student Kit! This comprehensive package equips you with all the essentials needed to launch your lash career. From lash adhesive and tweezers to lash trays, practice strips, and other vital supplies, we've got you covered.

Our kit provides everything necessary to hone your skills and confidently take your first steps into the realm of lash artistry.

What's included:
- 5 sets of 3D Pro-Made Lashes
- 2 sets of Flat Classic Lashes
- 1 Cream Lash Remover
- 1 lash adhesive
- 2 tweezers
- 1 Silicon Mannequin Face
- 1 Practice Strip Lash
- 50 pairs of Eye Pads
- 1 Mini Lash Fan
- 1 Digital Thermo-hygrometer
- 1 Green Pink tape
- 1 Nichiban tape
- 1 Blue Sensitive Tape
- 50 Disposable Lipstick Wands
- 1 Rinse Bottle
- 1 Clear Silicon Lash Pad
- 100 Glue Holder Rings
- 100 Disposable Microfibre Brushes
- 50 Disposable Mascara Wands
- 1 Aluminium Glue Sticker
- 1 Adhesive Nozzle Wipe
- 1 Lash Cleanser
- 1 Lash Mirror
- 1 Acrylic Lash Tile

Customize your kit:
- Choose sizes from 7mm to 15mm
- Select from C curl or D curl
Don't miss out on this exceptional offer that combines value, quality, and convenience. Elevate your lash artistry game with the Lashes by RK Training Lash Kit!

You have the freedom to choose from 5 different tweezers options.

Lash Trays:
Opt for 3D / 0.07 x 5 trays of pro made LOOSE or SPEEDY lashes
Each tray contains 1000 fans

Note: The kit contents can be tailored to your preferences for size and curl. Sizes are available from 7mm to 15mm, and you can choose between C curl and D curl.

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