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8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
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Introducing 8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray: Unleash Dramatic Volume and Impact

Prepare to elevate your lash game to extraordinary heights with our stunning 8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray! Crafted for those who demand the utmost in volume, drama, and impact, these lashes are designed to captivate and mesmerize.

Unmatched Volume and Drama
Featuring eight lash strands combined together, our 8D Pro-Made Loose Fans offer unrivaled volume and drama. Whether you're preparing for a glamorous event or simply want to make a statement, these lashes will ensure you stand out from the crowd with breathtaking intensity.

Best Seller in 0.07 Thickness: The Ultimate in Dramatic Lash Look
Our 8D | 0.07 Pro-Made Loose Fans are our best seller for a reason. With a thicker base and eight lash strands, they create a dramatic lash look that's second to none. Achieve a super black lash line and a fluffy, full appearance that commands attention wherever you go.

Available in 0.05 Thickness for Versatility
For those who prefer a softer, more natural feel, our 8D Pro-Made Loose Fans are also available in 0.05 thickness. Experience the same dramatic volume and impact with a lighter touch, allowing for a more subtle yet still stunning appearance.

Expert Tip: Perfect for Special Occasions and Events
Ideal for weddings, parties, or whenever you want to make a bold statement, our 8D lashes are your secret weapon for achieving maximum volume and impact. Pair them with your favorite makeup look for an unforgettable appearance that leaves a lasting impression.

Experience the Drama of 8D Lashes
Transform your look with our 8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans. Embrace the beauty of unparalleled volume, drama, and impact – order now and unleash the full potential of your lashes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Minè Kruger
Supplier change?

Good morning, I’ve been purchasing your lashes for the past few years and I’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of your product, however, I’ve found that with the last couple of orders the lash quality hadn’t been on par.. so many rows of lashes attached to one another (I’ve mentioned this before) not really “loose” lashes. Also the quality of lashes have not been the same as before. Thought I’d mention this again fyi 😊

Peta-Maree Marchant


Charlotte Rodriguez
Super Dark and Stunning

These promade lashes are a game-changer. They were so easy to apply and looked amazing

Chloe Williams
Obsessed with these lashes

As a lash tech, I've tried many different types of promade lashes, but these are by far the best! They're easy to work with, and they look so natural and beautiful on my clients. My clients have been absolutely thrilled with the results and keep coming back for more.I can't recommend these promade lashes enough! They're high-quality, easy to use, and they look amazing on my clients. They're incredibly versatile and work well for a wide range of lash looks, from natural to dramatic. These lashes have quickly become a staple in my lash kit!"

Harper Hernandez

Promade lashes are the perfect combination of high quality and affordable. My clients are always happy with the results.