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Brow & Lash Lift Kits
Brow & Lash Lift Kits
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Brow & Lash Lift Kits

Introducing our professional Lash Lift Kit, expertly formulated for professional use. Elevate your clients' natural beauty with a stunning lash lift, revealing captivating eyes and a fresh new lash service.

Lash lifts are the perfect addition to your offerings, catering to clients seeking a break from lash extensions or those blessed with naturally beautiful lashes desiring a flawless, fanned lift.
Its the perfect solution to waking up with beautifully curled lashes every morning. Our Professional Brow & Lash Lifting Kit uses silicon pads instead of a traditional roller to perm your lashes, making them easier to apply and less messy. This kit contains everything you need to achieve beautifully curled lashes with minimal effort. Using our Lash Lift Kit, you can now wake up feeling beautiful and save time in your morning routine. 

Please note that processing times vary based on natural lashes.
Finer Lashes: Maximum 5 minutes
Medium Lashes: 8 minutes
Coarse Natural Lashes: 10 minutes

This product is designed for use by trained lash lift technicians only and is not intended for self-application.
Always carefully read and follow the provided instructions. A patch test is recommended.
If signs of irritation occur or if lashes are weak and brittle, discontinue use immediately.
Store the products in a clean, dry environment, out of the reach of children.
Avoid over-processing lotions on lashes; ensure eyes remain closed throughout the treatment.
In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with saline or water. If further discomfort occurs, seek medical attention.
This product is for external use only 
What's in the Package:
• #1 Perm xl
• #2 Fixation × 1
• #3 Nutrition x 1
• #4 Cleanser × 1
• False lashes glue × 1
• Clean tool (clean off the residue) × 1
• Lift pads (S/M/MI/M2/L size) × 5 pairs

1. Use the CLEANSER solution (#4) to remove the oil, dust, and makeup residue.
2. Select a lift pad that best fits your eyelash length.
3. Apply FALSE LASHES GLUE on the lift pads, then place it over the eyelid, align it right above your eyelashes, and ensure it stays.
4. Apply FALSE LASHES GLUE onto the LIFT PAD. Then use the Y-shaped brush to comb the eyelashes so that the eyelashes stick to the LIFT PAD.
5. Apply the PERM lotion (#1) onto eyelashes, then cover with plastic film for 8-10 minutes.
6. Apply FIXATION solution (#2) onto eyelashes, then cover with plastic film for 8-10 minutes.
7. Use the CLEANSER solution (#4) to clean off the perm residue.
8. Gently remove the LIFT PAD.
9. Apply NUTRITION solution (#3) to nourish eyelashes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews

    This is legit the best lash lift product I’ve ever used! The process is easy and the results will please everyone. Not to mention the rods are adhesive free and they don’t move at all during the process. Highly recommend!

    Zara Ramirez
    love the result

    Lashes by RK's products are truly top-notch and deliver amazing results. I've switched from a different brand and will definitely be a repeat customer and recommend their products to others.

    Amelia Smith

    so affordable and will be the only lift kit i order ever! the rods for the lift are so cute also.

    Avery Hernandez

    Perfect addition to your salon! Ive used a few other brands but seriously love this product!

    Olivia Kim

    Very easy to use, love it!