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#10 The Ultimate Guide to Super bonder for Lash Extensions: Elevate Your Lash Game

If you're in the lash industry, you've likely encountered the buzz surrounding a game-changing product: superbonder. This lash sealant is swiftly becoming a staple in many lash technicians' arsenals. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the essence of superbonder.—what it is, how it works, its application, and the reasons behind its soaring popularity.

Decoding Superbonder for Lash Extensions:

For the uninitiated, let's unravel the mystery behind superbonder.

What is super bonder.?

Super bonder is a specialised lash sealant designed to optimise lash glue bonding points. It's an indispensable addition to the end of a lash service. This product's magic lies in its ability to rapidly cure lash glue, enhancing its flexibility and boosting retention. Moreover, it minimises fumes and irritants around the clients' eyes, making it a multitasking marvel.

The Cure Time Conundrum:

Ordinarily, lash adhesive takes up to 24 hours to fully cure. This can be inconvenient for clients eager to get back to their routines without worrying about lash preservation. Enter super bonder lash sealant, which allows clients to wet their lashes immediately post-appointment—transforming the lash extension experience.

Using Super bonder: A Seamless Process:

Applying super bonder is a breeze, and its benefits are manifold. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. After applying the final lash extension, wait for two minutes.
2. Squeeze a small drop of super bonder onto a microfiber brush, and gently apply it along the bonding point of the glue.
3. Allow your client's lashes to air dry thoroughly.
4. A three-minute waiting period ensues. Once completed, the bond will be fully sealed, and the lashes can be safely exposed to water. Super bonder rapidly polymerises the adhesive, encapsulating fumes that might lead to irritation.

Superbonder's Impact:

Lash extension super bonder introduces flexibility, reduces fumes, and enhances retention. Don't just take our word for it—visit our Instagram highlights to witness customers' experiences and opinions about this revolutionary lash sealant product.

Key Considerations:

While super bonder boasts remarkable benefits, a few important points should be noted:

- Super bonder is intended for use by trained eyelash extension professionals only; it's not meant for home use.
- Apply the product sparingly to avoid any contact with the client's eyes or skin. Precision is crucial to ensuring ideal lash sealant distribution along the bonding points of the lash glue.

The Synergy of Nano mister and Bonder:

The question arises—can a nano mister and a bonder work in tandem? Absolutely! While not mandatory, the nano mister can be used alongside a bonder. This combination offers a soothing experience, particularly for clients with sensitive eyes. Start by following the super bonder steps, wait two minutes, and then conclude the service with a nano mister application.

Unlock Superior Retention: Shop Lashes by RK Superbonder:

Elevate your clients' retention experience with Lashes by RK's super bonder. This product encapsulates the pinnacle of lash innovation, offering you a tool to enhance flexibility, minimise fumes, and optimise retention. As pioneers in the lash industry, we're dedicated to delivering products that redefine lash artistry. Invest in excellence; embrace super bonder and usher in a new era of lash extensions that truly last.
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