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#6 When to Opt for a Full Set Over a Refill in Lash Extensions

In the world of eyelash extensions, deciding whether to charge for a full set or a refill involves a balance between your time, resources, and ensuring your clients leave with stunning lashes. The pricing structure hinges on factors such as the time spent and the volume of products utilised during the appointment. Here's a breakdown of how to make this decision wisely to foster both client satisfaction and the success of your salon business.

Refill Considerations:

1. Lash Count: Assess the number of remaining lashes. If more than 50% of the lashes have shed, it's often better suited for a full set. If fewer lashes are missing, then a refill may be sufficient.

2. Lash Condition: Evaluate the overall health of the existing lashes. If the lashes are damaged or in poor condition, a full set might be necessary for better results. Lashes in bad shape may require removal and a fresh start.

3. Cleanliness: Examine the lashes for makeup buildup or residue from strip lash glue. Ensuring lashes are clean is essential for proper adhesion and longevity of the extensions.

4. External Factors: Check for signs of heat damage that could cause lashes to curl or singe. In such cases, a full set might be recommended to restore a natural appearance.

Addressing Challenges:

Running a salon entails managing inventory, time, and payroll, underscoring the need for clients to adhere to proper aftercare. Minimise issues like makeup residue and poorly maintained lashes by implementing a no-tolerance policy, fostering the longevity of lash extensions.

Educating Clients:

Communicate openly and educate clients on the importance of proper aftercare. Politely explain why a full set might be needed if their lashes aren't in ideal condition. This approach not only ensures value for their investment but also maintains the reputation of your salon.

Track Full Set Appointments:

Efficiently manage your clients by accurately tracking their full set appointments. This prevents clients from booking refills when they actually require a new full set, optimising your scheduling and maintaining your service quality.

Effective Solutions:

1. The 50% Rule: A reliable guideline is the 50% rule. After removing outgrown extensions, assess whether more than half the lashes remain. If they don't, it's time for a full set. If they do, a refill should suffice.

2. Hourly Rate Option: Simplify the decision for clients by offering an hourly rate for refills. Present the estimated time required and let the client decide based on their preference and budget.

Incorporating these strategies into your lash extension business ensures that your pricing aligns with the work involved, and clients leave your salon feeling satisfied and confident. By upholding high standards and educating clients about proper care, you create a mutually beneficial relationship that supports the growth of your business.
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