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#20 Why do my clients get red bloodshot eyes???

Solving Swelling Pads and Red Bloodshot Eyes During Lash Application

For lash technicians, encountering issues like swelling pads and bloodshot eyes can be frustrating. Many assume it's a flaw in the pads or an allergic reaction to lash products. However, the root causes and solutions are often different than what's commonly believed. Let's shed light on this and understand how to prevent these problems.

The eyes possess two waterlines, both upper and lower, which form a protective seal when closed to prevent irritants from entering. Tears are naturally produced to cleanse and lubricate the eyes in response to irritation, usually caused by glue fumes in the case of lash applications.

Interestingly, emotional tears and irritant-induced tears have distinct chemical compositions.

If a client doesn't have tear duct-related issues, her eyes shouldn't water during lash extension application. Properly sealed waterlines protect the eyes from glue fumes. Pads swelling or becoming gooey is a result of water or tears entering them.

The most common cause of watery eyes during lash applications is glue fumes.

However, glue fumes, not an allergic reaction, are the primary reason for bloodshot eyes. These are separate reactions. Bloodshot eyes can also result from pads placed too high, potentially scratching the eyeball.

To prevent these issues:

1. Place pads at least 1-3mm below the bottom waterline.
2. Adjust pads as needed after your client closes her eyes to ensure comfort and proper placement.
3. If a client's eyes water during application, it's likely due to the pads shifting upwards, breaking the waterline seal. Readjust them.

If watery eyes cause pads to swell, fan away fumes and replace the pads with fresh ones for optimal results.

Remember, proper pad placement and awareness of clients' comfort are key to avoiding swelling pads, red eyes, and other discomforts during lash application.
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