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Glow Grip UV Lash Adhesive | Eyelash Extension Glue
Glow Grip UV Lash Adhesive | Eyelash Extension Glue
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Introducing a groundbreaking Glow Grip UV Lash Adhesive that tackles all your concerns:

✅ Achieves an impressive 80% success rate with customers prone to allergies
✅ Eliminates the impact of humidity
✅ Neutralizes the effects of temperature fluctuations
✅ Works seamlessly throughout the seasons
✅ Boasts complete curing in just 1-2 seconds

Our clear eyelash glue provides a secure hold, making it easy to apply and opening up the possibility of wearing eyelashes for almost all allergy sufferers. Bid farewell to worries about allergic reactions and welcome the freedom to enjoy eyelash enhancements with confidence.

Super speedy, with extreme staying power
Actions speak louder than words: cures within 1 – 2 seconds – a level of retention that no traditional lash glue can match. No lingering fumes after the curing process. It lasts until the natural lash falls out.

✅ Water is allowed IMMEDIATELY on the lashes
✅ No more 48-hour waiting rule
✅ No need for a bonder or sealer anymore
✅ Completely transparent
✅ Virtually no fumes at all

1. Dip into the glue
2. Apply to the natural lash
3. Trigger the UV light
4. Wait 1-2 sec.
5. You can directly start with the next lash – without accidentally sticking them together.

Experience a glue that stands out from the rest. Say goodbye to the typical problems faced by lash stylists – they're now a thing of the past.

✅ Change glue dot? Only every few hours!
✅ Glue pulls threads? Never again!
✅ Strong fumes? Absolutely not!
✅ High glue consumption? Not anymore!
✅ Spending a lot on bonders? Never again!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sammiie Jane
Amazing UV lash glue

I have been so extremely happy with the UV lash glue. It drys with the uv light so quickly compared to other UV lash glues I have tried. Would definitely recommend to anyone else using a UV lash system.

Tahlia Grace
Love It

Amazing Product, Sets Within A Second, So Easy To Apply, Love Having No Stickies!

navneed Mohamad

thanks you, thank you!!!! with UV lash glue, I don't have to stress about room temperature and humidity anymore, it's got everything covered for me.

Tara Davidson

Does what it says

Sienna Turner

Thank you Lashesbyrk for supplying this glue