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Eyelash Extension Cleansing Foam - 60ml
From €15,95 EUR
Foaming Lash Shampoo Concentrate
From €6,95 EUR
Lash Rinse Bottle
€9,95 EUR
Eyelash Keyring Spoolie
From €3,95 EUR
Compressed Facial Puff
€8,95 EUR
Suitcase Eyelash After Care Kit
From €43,95 EUR
Disposable Face Shield | 50 PCS
€18,95 EUR
Golden Eye Mask
Golden Eye Mask
From €1,95 EUR
Collagen Lip Mask
Collagen Lip Mask
From €3,95 EUR
Color Changing & Moisturizing Lip Oil
From €12,95 EUR
Lash Scrunchie with Zip Pocket
From €6,95 EUR
Eyelash Empty Suitcase Box
From €9,95 EUR

Are you a beauty professional looking for the perfect solution to keep your clients’ eyes and lashes fresh and stunning? Look no further than Lashes by RK!

Our lash extension cleansers are high-quality products that help maintain the longevity and beauty of lash extensions. Made with top-quality ingredients, our cleansers are specially formulated to remove dust, makeup, or any sort of residue, leaving the lashes clean and healthy. 

In addition, our cleanser is cruelty-free and fragrance-free – making it gentle on the eyes and skin – and free from any harsh chemicals or fragrances that could cause irritation. Trust Lashes by RK to provide the best care for your clients’ lashes with our top-quality lash extension cleanser.

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Buy quality lash-foaming cleansers online at Lashes by RK 

At Lashes by RK, we understand the importance of maintaining your lash extensions, and we’re confident that our quality lash-foaming cleansers will help your clients enjoy beautiful lashes with longer retention. Our foam lash cleansers and foaming lash shampoo concentrate are perfect for gentle yet effective cleaning. And if you’re looking for more products, don’t hesitate to check out our gel freshenerlash extension tweezers, and classic lash fans. All made to elevate your lash game without breaking the bank, you can buy our products in bulk at discounted prices. 


What lash cleanser is safe for lash extensions?

Our range of lash extension cleansers are specifically formulated to be safe for use with lash extensions. It gently cleanses without causing damage to the lashes or irritating the eyes.

How to use a lash extension cleanser?

To use our lash extension cleanser, pump a small amount of foam directly on your eyelashes and make sure your eyes are closed. Gently clean your lashes with the eyelash shampoo brush in a circular motion, and clean the lash line and lashes in a downward motion. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

How often should I use a lash extension cleanser?

It is recommended to use a lash extension cleanser daily or every 2-3 days to keep the lashes clean and free from dirt buildup.