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Whether you’re an experienced lash artist or new to the lash extension industry, don’t miss out on stocking your kit with our spiked eyelash extensions. These unique lashes offer a different approach to eyelash artistry and can be used to achieve various looks, including the popular wispy style. Mix and match spiked lashes with our pro-made lashes to offer your clients an unparalleled range of styles and finishes. Our spiked lashes are available in a range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate different preferences. Add our spiked lash fans to your collection and experience the versatility that it brings to your business!

Why Choose Spike Lash Extensions?

  • Easy to Use: In a busy beauty salon, time counts. Spike lash extensions are designed for swift, fuss-free application, letting you focus on artistry rather than intricacy.
  • Lots of Choices: Available in different sizes and dimensions, there’s a spike lash extension for everyone.
  • Be Creative: Don’t stick to one look. Use different kinds of lashes to make your unique style.
  • Always in Trend: This lash style is consistently in demand, so adding them to your service offerings is an excellent idea to attract a broader client base and keep your business competitive.

Shop Quality Spike Lash Extensions Online in Australia 

Spike lash extensions are a flexible and in-demand choice for any professional lash artist looking to expand their toolkit. Whether you’re working with classic or volume lash extensions, these unique lashes offer quick application and endless possibilities for customisation. If you need tools like tweezers, lash mirrors, or lash glue, don’t forget to check out our extensive collection of high-quality lash accessories. With quick application and endless customisation options, these are the kind of quality products that make a difference. Add them to your basket today and experience the benefits for yourself.


What are lash spikes?

Lash spikes refer to eyelash extensions with a spiky or pointed design, offering a more dramatic and edgy look than traditional lash extensions.

Are eyelash extensions supposed to be pokey?

No, eyelash extensions, including spiky ones, should not be uncomfortable or 'pokey'. If they are, it may indicate that they haven’t been applied correctly or are not the right fit for your eye shape.

How do you do wispy lash extensions with spiky fans?

To create a wispy look using spiky lash fans, you’ll want to blend these unique fans with traditional lash extensions of varying lengths and curl types. This technique creates a feathered look that offers a more nuanced, 'wispy' appearance while adding a touch of drama.