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Classic Cashmere Flat Lashes
Dhs. 51.00 AED
Classic Brown Lashes
Dhs. 51.00 AED
Premium YY Lashes 0.07
Dhs. 77.00 AED
4D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 64.00 AED
5D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 69.00 AED
Pro-made Spikes for Wispy Volume Lashes
Dhs. 77.00 AED
6D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 74.00 AED
Save 27%
Save 27%
6D | Camellia Pro-made Loose Fans
Dhs. 77.00 AED
Dhs. 105.00
7D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 82.00 AED
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
Dhs. 89.00 AED
Save 50%
Save 50%
10D | 0.03 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 64.00 AED
Dhs. 128.00
Save 50%
Save 50%
10D | 0.05 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 64.00 AED
Dhs. 128.00
Save 50%
Save 50%
12D | 0.05 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 69.00 AED
Dhs. 138.00
14D | 0.03 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 74.00 AED
14D | 0.05 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 74.00 AED
16D | 0.03 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 102.00 AED
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If you're looking for high-quality, professional-grade lash fans, look no further than our pro-made lashes.

These expertly crafted lashes are made with high-quality PBT fibres, making them some of the softest and darkest on the market.

With a tiny base, our pro-made lashes are easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lash artist, our pro-made lashes are a great choice for gorgeous, long-lasting results.


Why Choose Pro-made Lashes Over Pre-made Lashes?

As the newer generation of pre-made lashes, pro-made lashes are crafted to the highest quality and professional standards in the lash extension industry. But what are the differences between pro-made and pre-made lashes?

  • If pre-made lashes are stiffer, pro-made lashes are soft and flexible, providing a lightweight, comfortable feel and natural appearance for the eyes.
  • Pro-made lashes are handmade, which allows you to customise the length, curl and thickness of the lashes.
  • Pro-made lashes have a wider appearance than pre-made fans, which makes them perfect for filling gaps.
  • The thin bases of pro-made lashes are ideal for achieving a cleaner look and improving retention.

Overall, pro-made lashes offer more flexibility than pre-made lashes, allowing you to deliver a more tailored and personalised lash experience for your clients. You can also use pro-made lashes to practise techniques like layering and feathering to create a more unique and bespoke look for the client.

If you want to improve your skills and work quality, pro-made lashes are the perfect tool to grow your expertise as a lash artist. Choose pro-made trays for more convenient application or loose lash fans for a budget-friendly option!

Discover a Wide Variety of Lash Fans at Affordable Prices in Australia

Shop online at Lashes by RK to discover a wide range of lash extension supplies and accessories at affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to add vibrant looks to your portfolio with our pro-made coloured fans, available in various colours and sizes. We are also up-to-date with the latest lash trends - you can now recreate Bella Hadid’s fox eye-inspired look for your clients with our L and M pro-made lash fans! What are you waiting for? Shop online today to enjoy delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Our brand is known for quality promade, and our best seller/ main product here is PROMADE lashes. Hence i would like the description for the promade to be a bit more in detail, to give stronger assurance to our client as to why choose promade over pre made.