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Save 35%
Speedy/Rapid Promade Mega Box | 1000 fans
From Dhs. 84.00 AED
Dhs. 130.00
Coloured Lash Spikes For Wispy Volume
Dhs. 127.00 AED
Glitter Lash Spike For Wispy Volume
Dhs. 127.00 AED
Mixed Tray of Pro-made L or M curl
From Dhs. 112.00 AED
3D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 89.00 AED
4D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 95.00 AED
5D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 95.00 AED
6D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 95.00 AED
7D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 97.00 AED
8D | 0.07 | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 97.00 AED
10D | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 92.00 AED
12D | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 95.00 AED
14D | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 95.00 AED
16D | 0.03 | Promade XL Lash Book
Dhs. 102.00 AED
Save 50%
Save 50%
Speedy/Rapid Promade Mega Box - Previous Collection | 1000 fans
From Dhs. 65.00 AED
Dhs. 130.00

Looking for an easy way to get high-quality, professional-made fans in various sizes and colours? Look no further than our Mixed Lashes Trays. 

Our trays are ideal for lash artists who want to save time and money when purchasing lashes. Each tray includes a variety of fan sizes and colours, making it easy to find the perfect set for your needs, whether it’s classic or volume lashes. Browse below and shop online today! 

Why Lash Trays Are Essential

Lash trays are a must-have for lash professionals as they offer convenience, efficiency, and versatility. These purpose-built trays provide a secure and organised storage solution for lash extensions, ensuring easy access during application. 

With a selection of custom, single-size, 2D-20D, and mixed-size trays, you can find the perfect fit for your lash artistry. These trays are thoughtfully designed to house 1600-1700 lash fans, ensuring an ample supply to meet your clients’ needs.

Plus, with lash trays, you can keep your lash collection in pristine condition and maintain a streamlined workflow.

Choose Lashes by RK for Quality Lash Extension Supplies in Australia 

At Lashes by RK, we empower you to unleash your creativity. With our wide range of dimensions, you can design your own lash mixed trays, tailoring them to your specific preferences. Whether you prefer a curated assortment or a specialised combination, our lash mixed trays offer endless possibilities for your lash extension applications. Make sure you complete your ensemble with our excellent range of accessories

For a bold and edgy statement, explore our spike lash extension collection. If timeless elegance is your style, our classic lash extensions are a must-see. And don’t hesitate to unlock endless possibilities with our range of pro-made loose lashes and pro-made lashes for a truly personalised lash experience. For salon owners and lash entrepreneurs, discover our exclusive wholesale lashes with a customised logo option to showcase your unique brand. 


Why are lash trays essential for lash professionals?

Lash trays provide lash professionals with a convenient and organised way to store their lash extensions. They ensure easy access during the application, allowing for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

How do I remove lashes from a tray?

If you’re working with classic lashes, remove the lashes from a tray by gently sliding a pair of tweezers under the lash strip and lifting them out. Make sure you handle the lashes delicately to maintain their shape and integrity.

How many lashes are typically in a tray?

Our customisable lash trays typically contain 1,600-1,700 lash fans while our other mixed trays offer 1,000 fans, ensuring an abundant supply for your lash extension applications.