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4D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 64.00 AED
5D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 69.00 AED
6D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 74.00 AED
7D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans/Tray
Dhs. 82.00 AED
8D | Pro-Made Loose Fans 1000 Fans
Dhs. 89.00 AED
Save 50%
Save 50%
10D | 0.03 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 64.00 AED
Dhs. 127.00
Save 50%
Save 50%
10D | 0.05 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 64.00 AED
Dhs. 127.00
Save 50%
Save 50%
12D | 0.05 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 69.00 AED
Dhs. 138.00
14D | 0.03 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 74.00 AED
14D | 0.05 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 74.00 AED
16D | 0.03 Pro-Made Loose Fans
From Dhs. 102.00 AED
Pro-made Spikes for Wispy Volume Lashes
Dhs. 77.00 AED
Save 27%
Save 27%
6D | Camellia Pro-made Loose Fans
Dhs. 77.00 AED
Dhs. 105.00
L and M Promade Volume Fans
From Dhs. 77.00 AED
Mixed Tray of Pro-made L or M curl
From Dhs. 112.00 AED
Sample Promade Lash Fans - up to 50 Lash Fans
From Dhs. 12.00 AED

Are you looking for the perfect fans to enhance your lashing game? Look no further than Lashes by RK’s excellent range of pro-made loose fans. A perfect addition to your lashing kit, our pro-made fans will help you achieve a personalised voluminous and luscious look for your clients! With Korean quality and premium materials, you can trust that these lashes will add a perfect finishing touch to your clients’ looks without compromising retention. Available in a wide variety of lengths, dimensions, and curls, there are fans for every look and occasion. Get ready to bat your lashes and turn heads with Lashes by RK!

Shop Online for Premium Loose Pro-made Fans at Lashes by RK

You don’t have to break the bank to expand your lash business! At Lashes by RK, we believe in providing lash artists with high quality lash extension supplies at affordable prices. Our soft and lightweight lash fans are available in dimensions ranging from 2D to 20D, with thicknesses available in 0.10/ 0.07/ 0.05/ 0.03, making it easier for you to find a perfect match for your clients. We also offer wholesale lashes at discounted prices, so you can stock up on your lashing kit without worrying about the costs. Whether you’re looking for classic, volume, or coloured fans, or even accessories like lash extension tapes, trust us as your one-stop shop for all your lashing needs in Australia!

Professional Lash Extension Supplies In Australia

Lashes by RK is a professional lash supplier which directly manufactures your eyelashes and pro-made fans. As our own manufacturer, we have greater control and customisation over the production process, resulting in higher-quality products that meet your specific needs. In addition, we use eco-friendly materials and packaging without adding extra costs. Without additional fees or any third-party involvement, you can choose Lashes by RK for lower costs and faster turnaround times.

What are pro-made loose fans?

Pro-made loose fans are individual lash extensions that have already been pre-made into a fan shape. They are designed to make the process of applying volume lashes faster and easier for lash artists. Available in various dimensions, pro-made fans are a popular choice for those who want to achieve a fuller lash look without spending too much time on their clients. Pro-made fans are also suitable for artists who haven't received training in doing Russian volume lashes.

Which type of pro-made loose lashes should you choose?

When it comes to choosing pro-made loose lashes, it depends on the look you want to achieve for your clients. Lashes by RK offers a variety of options, ranging from 2D to 20D in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls. It's important to consider your client's natural lashes and their desired look when selecting the type of pro-made loose lashes to use. If you're an experienced lash artist, having more options in your kit is always better for meeting your client's needs. However, if you're a beginner, you may have specific lashes that you're used to working with.