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#24 Why Are Lash Refills Important?

The Importance of Lash Refills for Gorgeous, Long-Lasting Lashes

Maintaining that captivating lash look and preventing the weighty, droopy effect of overgrown lashes is made easy with lash refills. These touch-up sessions, scheduled every 2-3 weeks, are your secret to ensuring your lashes always look their best. Depending on your lash care routine and natural lash cycle, you might find the sweet spot for your refill either around the 2-week mark or closer to 3 weeks.

Just like the hair on your head, your lashes shed daily – a fact many people don't realise. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal! You might lose around 1-5 lashes per day, but they're so delicate that you often don't even notice. When a natural lash, with an extension attached, sheds, a fresh one grows in its place.

During a 30mins -1hour refill appointment, your lash technician would tidy up any extensions that have migrated about halfway up your natural lashes as they've grown. then add new extensions or fans to the lashes that currently lack extensions.

Extensions on your natural lashes typically shed after about 4 weeks, assuming they're well taken care of. To keep that lush fullness, we recommend a Lash Fill every 2-3 weeks. It's crucial to remember that your natural lashes naturally shed 1-5 per day – for each eye. This variation hinges on your unique hair growth cycle and how you treat your lashes post-appointment.

Leaving your refill for more than 4 weeks might lead to several natural lashes without extensions, as there's only so much we can achieve in an hour. While your lashes may appear fine initially, bear in mind that a good number of those lashes could shed within the next week.

When you have fewer lash extensions, any shed lashes become more noticeable. If you continue extending your refill time beyond 4 weeks, your lashes could lose their fullness gradually. In such cases, the only solution might be a full set to ensure each and every natural lash gets that lash extension love again. So, remember to stick to your lash refill schedule to keep your lashes at their absolute best!
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