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#22 Eyelash shedding cycle

Understanding the Natural Lash Shedding Cycle

While we often admire eyelashes for their beauty, they serve a vital role in reducing airflow over the eyes to prevent dryness and protecting them from particles like dust. Lashes possess a sensory system that prompts eyelids to close when danger approaches.

Humans typically have 150-200 upper lid lashes and 70-100 lower lid lashes. These lashes follow a 60-90 day cycle, with each lash falling out to be replaced by another. On average, people lose 1 to 7 natural lashes per day, which means clients can expect to lose a similar number of extensions daily.

Factors Influencing Lash Shedding:

1. Individual Variations: Each person's body is unique, leading to variations in shedding cycles and extension longevity.
2. Seasonal Effects: Spring and autumn see increased hair shedding, including lashes, known as "Seasonal Moulting." Educating clients about this can prevent unnecessary concern.
3. Age: Aging and menopause can cause hormonal imbalances, leading to thinner lash follicles or reduced lash growth.
4. Health: Lifestyle, general health, and diet play a role in lash shedding.
5. Medications: Certain medications, especially thyroid and hormonal ones, can affect the natural lash growth cycle.
6. Vitamin Deficiencies: Inadequate levels of Vitamins C, B, D, as well as Zinc, Iron, and Protein can impact lash health.
7. Careful Handling: Rubbing or tugging at lashes can contribute to shedding.
8. Medical Conditions:*Conditions like overactive/underactive thyroid glands, alopecia areata, madarosis, chemotherapy, viral infections, and eczema affect lash shedding.

Before attributing retention issues to your application or glue, consider these factors. If you're facing retention challenges, we offer numerous blogs addressing this concern.

Remember, understanding the natural lash shedding cycle empowers you to provide accurate information to clients and tailor your lash services accordingly.
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