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Pink Volume Lash Tweezers –  Inner Corner
Pink Volume Lash Tweezers –  Inner Corner
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Inner Corner Pink Volume Lash Tweezers –  For Eyelash Extension Application

Discover effortless handling with our lightweight tweezers, reducing the risk of muscle strain and discomfort during lash application. At a convenient length of 130mm, these tweezers are an essential inclusion in your lash toolkit.

About Inner Corner Pink Volume Lash Tweezers

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these tweezers feature a precision tip specifically engineered for delicate tasks, including accessing the inner corners of the eye. Trusted by professional eyelash extension artists, they are celebrated for their durability, accuracy, and ergonomic design.

Follow these simple sanitisation and storage tips for optimal maintenance:

Post-Use Cleaning: After each use, gently wash the tweezers with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Dry them with a paper towel.
Effective Disinfection: Utilize 100% isopropyl alcohol (undiluted) for thorough disinfection. Avoid water dilution.
Air Drying: Lay the tweezers on a paper towel to air dry after disinfection.
Smart Storage: Keep the tweezers in a clean area, away from used tools. Prevent damage by not storing them with tips facing downward. Use plastic tweezer tips or a tweezer case for added protection.

Please note: Prolonged exposure to cleaning solutions might affect the tweezers' finish. Be cautious about the soaking duration.

Enhance your lash application with these versatile tweezers, designed to accommodate various techniques. Bid farewell to hand strain and embrace precision and comfort in your lash routine!

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Tanaya Hicky
Best inner tweezers

Before these tweezers, I would always end up having my hand close to my clients nose. These tweezers changed that, and also help me cut down on time while lashing the corners, especially with clients who have a taller nose bridge. Thank Lashes by RK

Jennier Dayoub
Best tweezers!

I’ve just started my lash journey and have tried a few tweezers and this one by far is the best I’ve come across! Would recommend!

Mirella Fantom
Excellent tweezer

Every lash tech needs a pair of these! Lashing both inner and outer corners has never been easier!

Renee Campbell
no comparison

There is really no comparison. The preciseness of the tweezers are amazing and make isolating an absolute breeze

Nicky Thorn

These Tweezers helped me so much. I sucked at inner corners now to the point sometimes they were so lightly done. Now they look 10x better thanks to these tweezers