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UV Lash Lamp System Set
UV Lash Lamp System Set
UV Lash Lamp System Set
UV Lash Lamp System Set
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Introducing the future of eyelash extensions with our groundbreaking UV Eyelash Extension Professional Set

Experience a revolutionary shift in the world of eyelash extensions with our cutting-edge UV light system. Our innovative technology allows you to achieve eyelash extensions with UV light at an unprecedented speed and with unparalleled durability.

At the core of our system is the UV LED Lash Lamp —a game-changer in the industry. This lamp enables the curing of a specially formulated eyelash glue using UV light. Simply apply promade/premade fan onto natural lashes, activate the foot switch, and within 1-2 seconds, the eyelash glue is fully cured.

The result? A rock-solid hold that withstands the test of time, adhering securely until the natural eyelash naturally sheds, when applied with precision. Welcome to the new era of eyelash extensions.

UV Lash Glue System set include:

- 1 UV LED Lash Lamp
- 1 Manual & User Guide
- 1 Glow Grip UV Lash Adhesive 5m
- 1  Safety Glasses

Key features of the UV Lash Lamp:
- Immediate water exposure to lashes
- No more 48-hour waiting rule
- No bonder or sealer required
- Transparent glue with minimal fumes
- Up to 80% success rate with allergy-prone customers
- Eliminates sensitivity to humidity, temperature, and seasonal changes

Allergic reactions? Not with us!!!
Great news for those prone to allergies! Our eyelash glue ensures you can now confidently wear eyelashes without fear of allergic reactions. Through extensive testing, we've found that an impressive 75-85% of allergy sufferers tolerate our glue seamlessly.

The key to our success lies in the unique composition of our glue. Unlike traditional eyelash adhesives, it excludes carbon black, the black dye often responsible for triggering allergies. But that's not all! Our glue boasts instant 100% curing, eliminating all vapors right away. In contrast, standard eyelash adhesives take up to 48 hours to fully dry, during which time they release vapors that may lead to allergic reactions.

Our transparent eyelash glue provides a secure hold, making it easy to apply and opening the possibility of wearing eyelashes for almost all allergy sufferers. Say goodbye to concerns about allergic reactions and welcome the freedom to enjoy eyelash enhancements with confidence.

Safety is our top priority:
Our system ensures absolute safety as there is no direct eye contact with the light. It is crucial to ensure that neither you nor your customer looks directly into the light. The system emits light from above onto the closed eyelid, avoiding direct exposure to the eye.

As a lash technician, you maintain no direct eye contact with the light, and for added protection, we provide tested UV safety goggles. We strongly recommend using these safety glasses as an additional precaution.

To further shield the customer's eyes from UV rays, we suggest using black eye pads or black tape on the upper eyelid during the application. This precaution guarantees 100% protection for your customer throughout the process.

Rest assured, our product is designed with safety, reliability, and optimal results in mind. We are confident that both you and your customers will be delighted with the safety and performance of our system.

Technical Specifications for the Lamp:
- Color: White/ Black
- Height: 110 cm
- Flexible Lamp Neck: 70 cm
- Base Diameter: 20 cm
- Power: 5 W
- Wavelength: 395 nm
- Activation: Foot switch -Model number: FL008
- LED Lights Lifetime: Approximately 30,000 hours
- Replaceable Light Module
- Included: Additional Replacement Light Module

Exclusively for professional and commercial use.

It is strongly advised to utilize this product in the following contraindications only after consulting the customer's responsible doctor:
- Epilepsy
- Chemotherapy
- Pregnant or breastfeeding customers
- In cases of inflammation, injury, or skin diseases in the treatment area
- Post-surgical procedures.

Warranty Information:
A comprehensive one-year unlimited warranty is in place, covering manufacturer defects and functional impairments.

Elevate your eyelash extensions to unprecedented levels of excellence with our UV-Light System, ensuring a phenomenal hold. Trust in our product and give it a try – satisfaction guaranteed!

Should you have any inquiries about our products, feel free to reach out. We are here to provide advice and assistance with pleasure!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Hannah Davids
top notch quality

The quality of the products is impressive, and the price is a steal.

Lena Kosonova
Cutting edge technology

Definitely a wise investment for anyone passionate about lash extensions

Aisha Patel

i was sceptical about this new thing, but no regret purchasing it

Thi Nguyen
So far so good

the glue has lasted me so far over 1.5month and still working fine

Nicky Thorn

I adore this Uv lash set because it comes with everything included, eliminating the need to worry about buying items separately, and the price is fantastic.