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Pink Volume Lash Tweezers –  90° Extra Thin Tip
Pink Volume Lash Tweezers –  90° Extra Thin Tip
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Pink Volume Lash Tweezers – 

90° Extra Thin Tip

Introducing our remarkable Fiber Tip tweezers collection, designed to combine strength with lightweight construction, enhancing both grip and comfort.

Meet our 90° Extra Thin Tip tweezer, perfectly suited for:

- Picking up our mega volume Premande/Promade fans
- Creating handmade fans with a pinching, wiggling technique for stunning mega volume results (extremely versatile)
- Featuring an ample sweet spot for accelerated pickup speeds

About Pink Volume Lash Tweezers –  90° Extra Thin Tip

- Crafted from premium Japanese Stainless Steel, ensuring durability and lightweight usability.
- Enhanced with a Diamond Grip, delivering an outstanding handhold for impeccable control.
- Equipped with Fiber Tip technology, offering an incredible lash grip and larger sweet spots, resulting in quicker pickup speeds.
- Meticulously manufactured with precision and individually hand-tested to guarantee top-tier quality.

Tweezer Maintenance:

1. Post-Use Cleaning: After each use, gently wash the tweezers with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Dry them with a paper towel.

2. Effective Disinfection: Utilize 100% isopropyl alcohol (undiluted) for thorough disinfection. Avoid water dilution.

3. Air Drying: Lay the tweezers on a paper towel to air dry after disinfection.

4. Smart Storage: Keep the tweezers in a clean area, away from used tools. Prevent damage by not storing them with tips facing downward. Use plastic tweezer tips or a tweezer case for added protection.

Please note: Prolonged exposure to cleaning solutions might affect the tweezers' finish. Be cautious about the soaking duration..

Experience the ultimate in lash artistry with our Fiber Tip tweezers series. From mega volume Promade fans to versatile handmade fans, achieve remarkable results while enjoying enhanced grip and comfort. Elevate your lash game today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Tash Davids
Perfect tweezers

These tweezers are the bomb. It's so easy making fans with these tweezers. Lashes by RK shipping is fast as well!

Chloe Love
so gooddddd

Tweezers are sooooo good! Great quality, the grip is amazing on these tweezers. Definitely recommend getting them if you don’t already have them.

Kenya Dami
90 Degree Extra thin Tip tweezers

I loved these tweezers, first time using good tweezers and I felt the difference!! I’m a beginner lash tech and these are far the best I’ve used!


OBSESSED! these tweezers are so cute but have also made my fans fan so buttery using the pinch method.

Tamara Rozario
number 1

I’ve tried so many different tweezers but these are my number 1’s, and the best grip 😊