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Amour High Humidity Adhesive 1sec | Eyelash Extension Glue
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Amour High Humidity Adhesive

Introducing the ultimate choice for advanced eyelash extension stylists - Amour High Humidity Adhesive! This lash extension glue is renowned as the best and most popular in the market. With its fast drying time and low fumes, it's the ideal companion for both classic and volume eyelash extensions. Tested on the most challenging clients, it has consistently delivered outstanding results.

One of its remarkable features is its unbeatable retention power, offering the longest retention period available. Your clients' beautiful lashes will stay intact for weeks,  This super-powerful glue sets within 1sec to 2 second, with a recommended humidity range of 50%-70% and a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, this adhesive guarantees optimal performance.

Made in South Korea and packaged with care, you can trust its freshness and longevity, lasting 3-8 weeks after opening, depending on the storage environment. The 5ml size ensures you have an ample supply for your professional needs.

Safety is a priority - this adhesive is free from latex and heavy metals, making it gentle and suitable for sensitive clients. It comes with a resealable pouch, silica gel pack, and nozzle pin, providing you with everything you need for hassle-free application.

Amour High Humidity Adhesive  is proudly cruelty-free and vegan, aligning with ethical standards. Please remember that this product is intended for professional use only. With monthly restocking, you can rely on consistent quality and performance.

Choose Amour High Humidity Adhesive  for remarkable results and satisfied clients. Elevate your eyelash extension services to the next level with this exceptional lash glue!
To achieve stunning eyelash extensions, follow these steps for precise and skillful application of the eyelash extension glue:

1. Lash Preparation: Begin by thoroughly cleansing the client's natural lashes, ensuring they are dry and free from makeup or residues.
2. Shake the Adhesive: Shake the eyelash extension adhesive vigorously for 1-2 minutes or use lash glue shaker  for 10 seconds to achieve a consistent mixture.
3. Dispense the Glue: Squeeze a small drop of adhesive onto a   lash tilelash glue holder ring  or jade stone for easy access during the application.
4. Isolate a Natural Lash: Use lash tweezers  to isolate a single natural lash, ensuring it's separated from the others for individual extension attachment.
5. Dip the Extension: Gently dip the base of the lash extension into the center of the adhesive drop. Be mindful to dip only the bottom 2mm of fan lashes to avoid excess glue.
6. Attach the Extension: Carefully place the lash extension on the isolated natural lash, making sure it adheres to the lash without touching the skin. Hold it in place briefly to allow the adhesive to set.
7. Repeat the Process: Continue the process of isolating a natural lash and attaching extensions until achieving the desired lash look.

By following these steps, you can confidently use eyelash extension glue for a flawless and captivating result. Elevate your lash extension services with precision and professionalism!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Hands down the best glue I’ve ever used and trust me when I say I’ve gone through a lot of different glues in my 2+ years of lashing

Sintia Noakes
Best glue ever

I have try many different glue and brand
This glue is my life saver , the speed with this glue very fast drying, and my clients retention last up to 4-5 weeks , very happy clients and I’m very happy I find forever lash glue for my lash business
Definitely will recommended to all my lash artists friends

Brittany Whitehead

I LOVE so so much!

Ana Petrovic

perfect choice for new lash technicians looking for a reliable option.

Alessandra Ricci
1 sec

the 1sec Amore glue makes it easy to get amazing attachment without worrying about the glue drying too quickly