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#4 Mastering Eyelash Extension Adhesive Technique: The Importance of 'Burping' for Optimal Retention and Performance

The Importance of 'Burping' Your Eyelash Adhesive: Enhancing Retention and Performance
In the realm of flawless lash extensions, attention to detail is paramount. At Lashes by RK, we shed light on a critical practice that's often underestimated—'burping' your eyelash adhesive. Uncover the reasons behind this process and why it's a game-changer for your lash extension journey:
🔷 The Core Reason:
Burping isn't just a quirky term; it's an essential step to ensure the optimal performance of your adhesive. The primary objective is to expel any residual old glue that might be lingering in the nozzle from previous sessions. By doing so, we prevent the remnants of old adhesive from mingling with the new drop. This separation guarantees that our meticulous application isn't compromised by the remnants of previous lash services.
🔷 Precision Matters:
Precision is our hallmark. When we drop a fresh bead of adhesive, our focus is on delivering perfection. But here's the catch—even within the same session, remnants of previously dropped adhesive can persist at the nozzle's top. To ensure the purity of every new adhesive drop, we burp the bottle to eliminate any lingering residue. This practice guarantees that every lash receives the freshest and most potent adhesive, securing the ultimate in retention—a flawless result, every time.
🔷 The Burping Ritual:
Executing the burping ritual requires finesse. Begin by applying gentle pressure to the adhesive bottle using your fingers. This step expels any excess adhesive, allowing you to delicately squeeze out trapped air bubbles. Before these airborne bubbles cause sticky mishaps, it's essential to wipe the nozzle with lint-free pads. This ensures a clean application without the interference of fibers.
🔷 A Sealed Promise:
Maintain the pressure as you seamlessly secure the adhesive bottle's lid. The continuity of pressure is key, as releasing it could invite air back into the bottle—potentially compromising the adhesive's longevity. To ensure you're in the retention optimization game, this step is non-negotiable.
🔷 The Shake Game:
No adhesive ritual is complete without the requisite shake. To guarantee the adhesive's consistency and effectiveness, shake the bottle laterally ➡️⬅️. Avoid the common mistake of shaking the bottle vertically ⬆️⬇️; this could exacerbate nozzle clogs and hinder the adhesive's seamless flow.
Elevate your lash extension prowess with Lashes by RK, where every detail is calibrated for perfection. Unleash the potential of your adhesive with our meticulous techniques, yielding lashes that are stunning, enduring, and unmatched. Your journey to lash excellence begins here!
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