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#1 Discovering 3 Unique Techniques for Applying Pro Made onto Natural Lashes

Navigating the optimal placement of lash extensions is a recurring inquiry in the lash industry, prompting a closer examination of the intricacies involved. The question often revolves around whether lash extensions should be positioned above, below, or on the side of the natural lash. In this exploration, we'll delve into this subject to uncover its nuances and shed light on the various factors at play.
It's important to note that there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The decision hinges on a combination of your individual technique and the unique characteristics of your client's natural lashes.
Let's delve into the finer points:
1. Underneath Placement: This technique proves particularly effective for clients blessed with natural lashes that exhibit an intense upward curve. When their lashes exhibit a gravity-defying arch, placing extensions underneath can yield an ideal attachment point. This approach facilitates a flawless bond that endures.
2. Top Placement: Conversely, for clients whose natural lashes are straight or possess a downturned orientation, opting for top placement might be the preferred route. This method allows for smoother attachment and ensures a firm connection while maintaining comfort.
3. Side Placement: This is where your artistry truly shines. Side placement becomes invaluable when you seek to finesse the flow of lashes or infuse a touch of creativity into your styling. Whether it involves rectifying the direction of a natural lash or elevating the overall design, this technique presents a realm of versatility.
In essence, there isn't a definitive right or wrong approach. The enchantment lies in establishing that flawless link between the extension and the natural lash. Your expertise and intuitive understanding will guide you towards the most suitable approach for each individual client.
By tailoring your technique to the specific characteristics of your client's lashes, you are assured of achieving the perfect blend of elegance and durability in your lash extension application. This interplay of technique and artistry underscores the magic that defines the world of lash extensions.
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