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#13 Choosing Between Easy Fans, Handmade Fans, Pre-made Fans, and Pro-made Fans for Your Lash Extensions

Are you lost in the sea of options when it comes to lash extension products? With various styles available, picking the right supplies for your lash business can be overwhelming. Let's break down the differences between different extension techniques—Easy Fans, Pre-made Fans and Pro-made Fans—and help you make the best choice for your lash endeavours.

Handmade Fans:
Handmade fans are created through the Russian Volume lash training method. You carefully position a lash fan, dip the base into adhesive, and then attach it to the natural lash. This technique allows for customised volume fans using lashes of your preference, such as Velvet, Velour, or Blended finishes. However, crafting handmade fans can be time-consuming and challenging.

Benefits of Making Handmade Fans

1. Customization: The best thing about handmade fans is that you can make each one exactly the way you want. You can choose how long, curly, and thick they are to fit your client's eyes perfectly. This means you can create all sorts of amazing lash styles.

2. Enhanced Retention: When you make fans by hand, they stick to the natural lashes really well. This makes them last longer and stay in place.

3. Natural Appeal: Real lashes aren't all the same, and handmade fans imitate this. They wrap around each lash in a natural way, making the whole look more real and not too perfect.

4. Cost effective material: Making your own fans is also budget-friendly. The materials you need are not expensive, so you can save some money.

5. Opportunity for premium pricing: Even though it takes more time, people appreciate the effort you put into creating special looks just for them. They are usually willing to pay more for these unique styles.

Challenges of Making Handmade Fans

1. Takes Time to Learn: Creating your own volume lash fans is not easy and requires practice, skill, commitment, and effort. But remember, practice makes you better over time!

2. Time-Consuming: Crafting your own fans is more time-intensive compared to using premade/promade ones. This is the main drawback, but as you become more experienced, you'll become faster. Plus, you can charge extra for the unique handmade fans you create.

Easy Fans:
Easy fan lashes are similar to individual lashes used for handmade fans, but they offer a simplified way to create volume. Lashes by RK easy fans are heat-bonded at the base, allowing you to create volume fans without relying solely on adhesive. This gives you more time to perfect the fan before applying it.

Pre-made Fans:
Pre-made fans are created by manufacturers who gather volume extensions into fan shapes—either manually or using machines—and then attach them at the base using glue or heat. These pre-made fans are typically packaged in trays, arranged in strips, and are all set for easy application onto your clients' natural lashes. These are distinct from cluster lashes, which aren't ideal for semi-permanent lash applications. While pre-made fans save time, they may lack the artistic flair and uniqueness that clients desire.


In contrast to pro-made fans, pre-made fans are manufactured within a factory using a process known as heat-bonding. This technique involves fusing the individual extensions together using heat, as opposed to using adhesive for bonding.


The primary drawback associated with pre-made fans lies in their thicker bases. While this may be less conspicuous in smaller fans like 3Ds, the issue becomes more pronounced as you move to higher fan counts. This explains why pre-made fans are typically not offered beyond 7Ds. In contrast, pro-made fans come in a range of options, even reaching as high as 20Ds, thanks to their thinner bases and enhanced design. However, it's worth noting that the thicker bases of pre-made fans can also offer certain advantages. They contribute to a darker lash line, creating an effect akin to eyeliner—a feature that many lash artists find particularly appealing.

Pro-made Fans:
Pro-made fans combine the benefits of both handmade and pre-made fans. These are beautiful, unique volume fans that are ready to use. Unlike pre-made fans, pro-made fans are handcrafted, resulting in a bespoke appearance. 


The primary drawback is that pro-made fans require the application of two rounds of adhesive for each fan—first during their creation, and then again during their attachment to your clients' lashes. Although not a significant concern, it's important to consider that this dual adhesive application can result in slightly more weight compared to equivalently sized pre-made and handmade fans. This additional weight may exert a bit more stress on the natural lashes.

Furthermore, there might be slight variations between individual pro-made fans. However, it's crucial to note that this minor inconsistency isn't a major issue and can actually contribute to achieving an overall look that more closely resembles a handmade lash set rather than the uniform appearance typically achieved with pre-made fans.


You have the flexibility to achieve a wide range of looks with pro-made fans. From delicate light volume to captivating hybrids and even striking mega volume sets, the possibilities are extensive. Smaller dimensions (3D-6D) are perfect for crafting soft and airy volume sets, while larger dimensions (10D-16D) excel at delivering maximum volume for your lash creations.

Why Choose Pro-made Fans?

1.Superior Retention: Pre-made fans are characterised by their thicker base, which unfortunately can result in subpar retention. On the other hand, pro-made fans boast a slimmer base, allowing them to adhere more effectively to the natural lash. This enhanced attachment capability of pro-made fans translates to significantly improved retention rates. 

2. Premium Quality: Pro-made fans stand out with their craftsmanship. They offer a wispy effect that's hard to achieve with uniform pre-made fans. Pro-made fans offer a variety of presentation options to cater to your preferences. These fans can either be found loose within a box, providing a more flexible arrangement, or pre-arranged on a sticker for quicker application (known as "speedy" fans). The choice between these options depends entirely on your personal preference and working style.

3. Time Efficiency: Pro-made fans save time like pre-made fans but maintain quality. You skip the step of fanning out each volume fan, allowing you to take on more clients or offer express treatments.

Where to Find Quality Pro-made Fans:

Introducing Lashes by RK promade fans! Our pro-made fans come in various curls, lengths, and volumes, offering diverse options for lash extensions. Whether you're into D/Cc/C curls, L/M curls, or mega volume, we've got you covered. These fluffy, handcrafted extensions are a favorite among our Lashes by RK Babes.

Make the smart choice for your lash business—opt for pro-made fans that deliver excellent retention, premium quality, and time efficiency. Explore our range of lash extensions to find the perfect fit for your clients!

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