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Superbonder for Lash Extension (Support Retention) 15ml
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Boost lash retention and reduce irritation 

Just a few drops of this fast-acting formula instantly shock cures cyanoacrylate, eliminating the need for nano misters and allowing your clients to get their lashes wet immediately.
Not only does this little bottle work its magic on lash adhesives and all lash types, but it also helps minimize fumes and irritation caused by the adhesive.
Compatible with all types of lash adhesives, our Super Bonder is a must-have addition to your lash toolkit. With a 15ml bottle lasting up to 200 applications, it's a cost-effective solution at only 30 cents per appointment.
For amazing lash retention, pair it with our best-selling J'adore Adhesive for high humidity environment and Je T'aime Adhesive for low humidity environment

Discover why you need  RK Super Bonder in your lash toolkit! Prepare to be amazed by the multitude of benefits it offers:

1.Speeds Curing Process: Sets lash extensions within 2-4 minutes, allowing clients to get their lashes wet on the same day as application.
2.Improved Retention: Can enhance lash retention by up to 30%.
3.Enhanced Flexibility: Promotes increased elasticity, preventing brittle and snapping bond issues while providing a more natural, flexible movement.
4.Optimal Bonding: Scientifically formulated to shrink the adhesive after application, ensuring better adherence and bonding to the natural lash.
5.Quality and Origin: Made in Germany under strict EU guidelines, using premium ingredients that guarantee effective results unlike many other brands.
6.Reduced Fumes: Minimizes fume emission, providing a more pleasant experience for both you and your clients.
7.Allergy Protection: Reduces allergic reactions and sensitivities to cyanoacrylate.
8.Extended Extension Life: Protects the adhesive bond, encouraging extensions to last longer.
9.Versatile Application: Suitable for all lashing techniques, including classic, pre-made, and volume lashes.
10.Suitable for All Conditions: Works effectively in any humidity and temperature range.
11.Cruelty-Free: We are committed to ethical practices and cruelty-free formulations.
Traditional lash adhesives cure from the outside layer inward, which can lead to incomplete curing, low retention, and fume emission. The RK Super Bonder for Lash Extension revolutionises the process by directing moisture from the adhesive's centre outward, ensuring complete curing within 2-4 minutes.

By curing from the centre outward, this Super Bonder pushes moisture to the outer layer, creating a tighter bond and improving retention by up to 30%! Additionally, it seals and contains any fumes within the adhesive bond, reducing irritation and sensitivity for your clients.

Upgrade your lash game with RK Super Bonder for Lash Extension and experience the remarkable difference it brings to your lash application process.
Made in South Korea

Learn how to maximize the benefits of Absolute Retention Super Bonder with these easy-to-follow steps:
1. After completing the lash extension set, wait 2-4 minutes before applying the Super Bonder. During this time, you can tidy up your work station or fan the lashes.
2. Take two micro sticks or lipstick wands and apply 2-3 drops of Super Bonder to them.
3. Using both sticks, gently apply the Super Bonder to the front and back of the glue bonds throughout the entire lash set.
4. Remember not to over-saturate the lashes with the Super Bonder; a little goes a long way.

Patch Testing:
No patch testing is required for this gentle product. However, it is always essential to maintain open communication with your clients. Inform them of the product application and encourage them to notify you of any irritation or discomfort during or after the process.
Yes, you can use RK Super Bonder for Lash Extension (Support Retention) | 15ml with any lash glue available on the market. As all lash adhesives contain cyanoacrylate as their main ingredient, the Super Bonder will effectively work with them all.
Using a Nanomister:
While not necessary, you can still use a nano-mister with the Super Bonder if desired, especially if you need to control and regulate humidity levels during the lash application process. However, ensure you allow 2-3 minutes after applying the Super Bonder before using the nano-mister to allow it to fully dry first.

Unleash the power of RK Super Bonder for Lash Extension (Support Retention) | 15ml to elevate your lash extension services. Experience improved retention and reduced fume emission for an even better client experience. Empower your lash expertise with this innovative solution today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Audrey Wong
Best choice

This bonder seals my sets perfectly!

Aaliyah Kim
Must have

Love this product!

Mia Khan
Game changer

Used it for the first time this week and love it! This is definitely a game changer!

Anna Leva
Problem free

takes the stress from myself and staff with humidity affecting the lashes! with the super bonder we no longer have that issue!

Mia Khan

Been using this forever and I can safely say it dries my clients lashes so quickly theyre able to open their eyes straight away no irritation