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Glue Nozzle Opener Tool

Introducing our Adhesive Bottle Nozzle Opener, the ultimate solution to easily remove adhesive nozzles without the mess and hassle!

Product Details:
Key Size: 6cm Length, 3cm Wide, 
It has six different sections for various nozzle sizes, so you can always find the perfect fit. Plus, it comes in a sleek black colour that will look great in your toolkit. 

How to Use:
1. Choose the appropriate key size from the options provided.
2. Gently slide the Adhesive Nozzle Opener in and around the nozzle base, taking care to avoid damaging the sides of the bottle.
3. Once the Adhesive Nozzle Opener is firmly in place, pull up to remove the blocked nozzle.
4. Quickly use a glue wipe to clean the adhesive rims and top.
5. Insert the new nozzle and firmly squeeze it down to ensure it sits securely in place.
6. Pop the lid back on. If the lid doesn't close properly and keeps turning, it indicates that the new nozzle  isn't sealed correctly or there is adhesive on the top of the lid.
Alternatively, watch how to use adhesive nozzle opener

With our Adhesive Bottle Nozzle Opener, say goodbye to blocked nozzles! The Adhesive Nozzle Opener unplugs any blocked nozzle quickly and easily.
So don't wait any longer. Grab an adhesive Nozzle Opener today!